Saturday, September 26, 2009

When Life Gives You a Lemon...

It started with a visit to the library. The kids got free books. Alyssa choose an "Amedia Bedelia" story. I loved these books when I was a little girl and told Alyssa about that when Payton, her and I sat down to read it the next day.

Then, Eli decided to have them ask "Mom" to make a lemon meringue pie. (Eli doesn't even care for that type of pie. Not my favorite either, one small piece is good enough for me.) But, maybe the kids will like it? At least they'd know what type of pie Amelia Bedelia made, right? So, the search for a fairly simple recipe on the internet began. I found a video the kids and I watched HERE. Then the cooking started.

And, once again I failed to take a picture of my beautiful masterpiece. (However, this one truely is prettier). I think between the 4 of us we got about 1/2 way through it.

Although a lot of work, I at least feel like I taught them all about baking a lemon meringue pie in a fun way. Happy cooking!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

7 Dancing Princesses

Left to right: Abby, Evelyn, Lizzy, Bella, Alyssa.
(Not in photo: Joselyn and Shelby)

Last spring I told my playgroup friends about my adventures of having Alyssa in ballet. When registration time came up this year, I mentioned it again. I was wholly surprised at their interest. Yes, I feel so lucky, honored really, to be a part of this group of moms. (I do wish all our little princesses could be part of this!)

Alyssa's there on the black line, right in the middle, standing tall and confident, on her very first day of class. I am so happy to see her feeling so secure. I relax and prop my camera up on my knee.

Listening to instructions. (Alyssa, Abby, Evelyn --- so tall and beautiful.)

So sweet. I am just so happy to see her feeling so comfortable! (I'm also really excited about carpooling.)