Sunday, June 20, 2010

Octopus for Father's Day?!?!

That's what the kids ordered. So, being instructed by my 5-year old son, I created a couple octopuses out of hot dogs for the grill.


I think they passed!

Eli and I enjoyed regular old brauts. Then, for dessert, homemade cherry pie. Yummmmmy! (I forgot to take a picture, oh well.)

Happy Father's Day to a wonderful father. I am so grateful Payton and Alyssa were blessed with Eli as their daddy. He loves them more than he ever thought possible. He is always wanting the best for them and tries hard to be a good dad for them. The kids run to give him a hug when he gets home from work. They know he loves them. They think the world of him. And I do too!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lost Another Tooth

She is so excited for the Tooth Fairy to visit again!

First Time Fishing

"When is Daddy going to take me fishing?" I didn't know. I told Payton to ask Daddy, but, for weeks, he kept asking me. Finally, I decided the Saturday before Father's Day would be a good time for Eli to spend with the kids. I was glad Eli liked the idea too. He picked up 2 little fishing poles and a license. I packed up a lunch and we spend the afternoon by the lake. (Payton decided since he got a Sponge Bob fishing pole it was a good time to wear his Sponge Bob T-shirt.)

Both the kids had a great time fishing even if we didn't catch anything.

Eli and I had fun watching them. Eli was great keeping them all untangled and baited up.

It was a great Father's Day activity. I'm glad we just went ahead a did it. : )