Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Tooth Fairy

No, nobody lost a tooth. Febraury is "National Children’s Dental Health Month" and that is the theme of the next San Juan County Kids paper. Eventually the conversation about the Tooth Fairy came up with my kids:

me: When your teeth fall out, do you think the Tooth Fairy will come get them?
Alyssa: My teeth aren’t going to fall out.
me: Oh, your little baby teeth will fall out and you’ll get new big teeth.
Alyssa: When my teeth fall out I’m gunna put them under my pillow so that the Teeth Fairy will come so that she will leave us money.
me: Oh... then what will she do with your tooth?
Alyssa: Put it in the mailbox.


me: Payton, what do you know about the Tooth Fairy.
Payton: She comes to get our teeth when they fall out.
me: Oh. Why does she take them.
Payton: To fix them!
me: She does?!?!? and then what does she do with them?
Payton: She puts them back in.

Seriously! ; D