Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I Made Pickles!

Not the kind one might use a canner for.


No heat involved.

These are RAW pickles.


We eat a lot of pickles in this house and now I know how to make pickles that are actually GOOD for you.

I've been thinking about making these for awhile.

But, I had know idea how long they kept or how to even do it.


Then Bountiful Baskets offered cucumbers... AND fresh dill!

I bought the the cucumbers (I didn't realize how many 50 lbs was!) and 2 bunches of dill.

A couple days passed as they sat in a crate in the middle of my kitchen.

Something had to be done with those cucumbers.

Finally, I got online to find a recipe for the same old way I've done it and seen it done, with a canner.

And stumbled upon this blog with a recipe for "Sour Pickles."

"Healthy"... "probiotics"... "retains vitamins" (because there is no cooking)... and no vinegar


These are good for a whole year, but, I would have to store them in my refrigerator.

Christmas is coming... I do need gifts. This could cover four of them right off the bat. (Less in fridge, not that we couldn't eat all those pickles in a year.)

A run down of the ingredients shows I have ALL that stuff! (Yeah! for saving the coriander seeds from my garden and Yeah! again for saving the dill seeds from my garden).

So, I got busy.

And by the time it came to pick up my kids from school, I had 3 crocks full of cucumbers and seasonings.

By evening, the crocks began to bubble.

The next day there was a faint pickling smell along with the bubbles.

I was so excited.

Then my husband said pretty much this:

fermenting = alcohol making


Not my intention. There seem to be a lot of Mormons out there for probiotics and fermenting stuff. (I've been thinking about making fermented ketchup... someday.)

So, I haven't dug through information on this subject well enough.

If you have opinions/facts on this I would appreciate it...

Surely, I'm not going to get drunk on pickle juice.

I just want to make sure that eating this will not be breaking the Word of Wisdom.

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